So long Lego!

UntitledDaddy bear brought home an enormous balloon for baby bear, so all decided to send it off with a little note attached. Oliver immediately grabbed his “favorite lego” (whatever that means) to send along for the ride. Hopefully it’ll be found and we’ll hear from whomever finds it. Fingers crossed!


IMG_2021 He was so pumped up!




IMG_2031 There she goes!


IMG_2048 All smiles while he watched it drift higher and higher. That is, until he realized his “favorite lego” might be gone for good. Then the tears came. Poor guy!

If someone does find this, I’ll most definitely update. But for now, it’s the waiting game. xxo

diy word art

I’ve wanted to make one of these for quite some time, but couldn’t think of a quote I wouldn’t mind reading everyday. This is perfect. IMG_1926
stretched canvas
paint + brush (I used leftover water-based, exterior house paint… whatever)
permanent marker
ruler (optional)
sandpaper (I used an emery board, like I said… whatever)

How to:
Start by lightly drawing or writing on your canvas with pencil.
Trace over with permanent marker a few times.
Paint one coat over entire canvas, let dry 20-30 mins.
Trace over your existing marker lines a few more times.
Rough up the edges a little with sandpaper.


trimmed cut-offs DIY

IMG_1875This is a really great/simple way to spruce up cut-offs or just regular shorts in a matter of minutes. Plus, you can pretty much use whatever you want for the trim. So, you know, BONUS!

sewing needle or machine
trim (cording, ribbon, rick rack, spare fabric, lace, etc…)
coordinating thread

Start measuring out how much trim you’ll need for each leg (you can just eyeball it).
Pin to edge of leg opening all the way around.
Stitch loosely in place and cut excess trim.IMG_1877

That’s it! Pretty easy huh? I tossed mine in the wash after stitching to make sure everything stayed in place, and to promote fraying. Enjoy your new fancy pants, Fancy Pants! xo