t-shirt puzzle and bag!

This project is great for that old shirt you love, but may be stained or holey. I love making these, and my son loves them too!


What you’ll need: 1.t-shirt  2.photo paper/printer  3.cardboard  4.scissors  5.all purpose craft glue  6.small paint brush  7.craft knife  8.embroidery needle/yarn or embroidery thread  9.cutting board  10.something heavy (i.e. book)


How to:1. Start by finding a puzzle pattern you like or, you can draw one yourself. I just Googled “printable puzzles”.  2. Print your puzzle! You may need to make some adjustments in size before you print. This puzzle was printed on 8.5×11 glossy photo paper. You can use regular printer paper, but it tends to be a little flimsy.


3. Trace around your puzzle on the cardboard and cut out.  4. Glue your puzzle to the cardboard.  5. Press in or under a book while drying to prevent the edges from curling. (I like to check it every 10 mins or so, flip it over and repress) I let mine dry for a few hours before starting next step.


6. Once dry, lay on t-shirt, trace around and cut.(It’s alright if there’s a little extra fabric, you can trim when finished.)  7. Glue t-shirt to back of puzzle, leaving photo paper side exposed. This is where the paint brush comes in, helping to evenly distribute the glue.  8. Repeat book/press step.


9. Once everything is dry as a bone, grab your cutting board and craft knife, and get to work! (slowly, of course)  10. Trim excess fabric from edges and re-glue any spots that have come apart.


11. Cut a piece from back of t-shirt, about 10″x7″, and a strip from bottom hem, about 8″.   12. Fold in half  and stitch the bottom, side and attach strip for handle.


And you’re done!Enjoy your new puzzle!! xo


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