hat to cowl; howl

Materials needed:

Red Heart Super Saver, in black

Size 10 circular knitting needles

Size 6.5mm crochet hook (K)

1 1″ button

6 1/2″ buttons

tapestry needle

double pointed needle, bobby pin, safety pin, or some other device to hold sts while cabling


**Rippled Cable Pattern-

on 8 sts, plus 2- 8 rows

Rows 1 and 5: K

Row 2 and all ws rows: P

Row 3: K1, (sl next 2 sts to dpn and hold in back, k2 sts then k sts from dpn, k4) repeat, end k1

Row 7: K1, (k4, sl next 2 sts to dpn and hold in front, k2 then k sts from dpn) repeat, end k1



C/O 80 sts using cable cast-on method

(NOTE: First 3 and last 3 sts will be knit in garter st (K rs & ws), throughout)

Rib: p2,k2 (rs), k2,p2 (ws) for 6 rows.

Begin pattern, (remembering to knit first 3 and last 3 sts)

Continue pattern 4 times through, or 32 rows.

Knit flat next 3 rows, binding off on third row.



Do not cut yarn.

Switch last st on needle to crochet hook.

Ch5, skip 5-6 sts and attach, sl st for 8-9 sts, repeat til end.

Attach large button to top and the remaining 6 down the edge. Secure, and weave in tail.


*****Alternate finishing-

Roll over top edge and stitch, secure and attach buttons.

Make a daisy chain approx 30″, weave through top as a draw string.


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