Thirty minute tank top.

Hi! Wow, honestly? This took less than 30 minutes AND it’s pretty great. I  recommend using a shirt you don’t really give a hoot about as practice, if you aren’t very comfortable with clothes altering. Make sure your shirt is cotton or mostly cotton, a little stretch is ok. I used a slimmer fitting shirt so there wasn’t much to take in while adding the back trim. If you’re using a baggier shirt just be sure to pleat a little extra to get the right fit. Other than that, let’s do this!


V neck t-shit


needle and thread (or sewing maching)

ruler (optional)

chalk (optional)


IMG_1700 IMG_1705Start by laying your shirt flat and cutting off the sleeves about 1/4″ above shoulder hem. Then cut a strip from bottom of sleeve, leaving about 1/4″ seam allowance.  Decide which hem strip is the stretchiest and set it aside.

IMG_1702 IMG_1703 IMG_1710Cut straight across the back of your shirt from armpit to armpit, then cut the neck piece through the center. Cut excess fabric from neck portion to about 1 ” from V hem and pin leaving a 1/2″ opposite the hem.

IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1713Pull tight and pin the stretchiest sleeve strip to the straight line across the back (right sides together), pleating about 1/2″ at armpits and in the center of t-shirt. More or less pleating may be required depending on the shirt material and length of sleeve strip. Then stitch. ( I hand stitched right along the existing hemline.) Next, pin both straps to the center of the shirt (right behind the pleat), overlapping, stitch.IMG_1720 IMG_1721And you’re done! The raw edges will turn under and tuck in without any extra sewing. So no worries there. =)  I tried and failed miserably to get a good photo of what this looks like on. But I think it fits really well, so yeah, just take my word for it! Enjoy your new summer tank! xxo


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